Improving kids health outcomes with a LEGO® focused fitness app.

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World First LEGO Based Fitness Program

BrickFit is on a mission to establish active habits in children by encouraging physical activity through the epic creativity of LEGO® based rewards.

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A man standing with artificial dinosaur
Ryan McNaught
Founder of BrickFit
AKA The Brickman®
(LEGO Certified Professional and LEGO Masters Australia judge)
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AKA The Brickman®
(LEGO Certified Professional and LEGO Masters Australia judge)

Get moving. Get playing. Get building.

Childhood obesity and inactivity is a growing issue and today’s children are at risk of being the most sedentary in history. Children who are more active have better physical and mental health, sleep better and are higher performers at school.

Recognising this, BrickFit founder and the worlds first LEGO® Certified Professional Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught set out to rewrite this trend by creating the first LEGO® based fitness program using his weapon of choice - LEGO® bricks.

A new way to play

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Child home solo mobile app
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Best in Show

At the global W3 Awards  2022, BrickFit took out the prestigious Best in Show award, going toe-to-toe with heavyweight competition from the likes of Marvel, Disney and Hungry Jacks.

W3 gold award
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BrickFit on the News

BrickFit rewards a healthy lifestyle and exercise with unique LEGO® collectibles and exclusive content from The Brickman.

See Ryan ‘The Brickman’ McNaught introduce BrickFit on national television.

How BrickFit Works

How BrickFit Works

BrickFit measures fitness activity and sleep from a Garmin device or Apple Health and counts toward over 180+ activity challenges.

When challenges are completed, LEGO® build instructions are unlocked for the child to build.

Fitness activity is measured with a Garmin device or Apple Health
Challenges are completed when enough activity is recorded.
LEGO Instructions are unlocked
Build the physical LEGO® and upload a photo in the app
BrickFit logo
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Watch image
Watch image
Watch image
My Chanllenge screen in brickfit
My builds screen in brickfit
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Parent instruction screen from app
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Backed by Science

The BrickFit fitness program was developed with the Deakin University Institute for Physical Activity and Nutrition.

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Skating Image
Level up sticker
Hey there! Are you ready to get moving?
Notifications to keep users engaged

Proven to get kids more active!

Before launching to the public, BrickFit was put through it’s paces with a pilot program conducted in collaboration with Launchpad and Deakin University to validate its effectiveness. 50 lucky kids (and their families) in Melbourne, Australia, put the BrickFit app and their fitness to the test.

Over 4 Million steps and 1,600+ fitness band syncs were recorded and 1,000+ LEGO® models proudly earnt and built during the 4 week program.

* No LEGO® was harmed during the making of this awesomness.
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“The BrickFit App is designed to establish active habits from a young age. Research shows that an active child is much more likely to become an active adolescent and adult.”
Professor Jo Salmon
Alfred Deakin Professor and Director, Institute for Physical Activity
Launchpad team conducting on-site R&D2
Man standing with product
Girl running with joy
Two friends pose for photo
kids splash screen
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BrickFit Box

Key Project Outcomes

  • Successful capital raise to fund expansion
  • Worked with leading Australian University
  • Integrated with hardware (fitness wearable)
  • Achieved a complex architecture with a simple UX
  • Real world outcomes, helping young people get more active
  • Qantas Rewards Store & Catch of the Day distribution
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