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Where comedy meets mindfulness

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Over 50 leading comedians

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Supporting sleep & relaxation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 was an unprecedented and stressful period to live through. This was a shared feeling and the catalyst for Laughscape’s birth - to help people get to sleep without relying on alcohol and medicine.

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Google Play’s “Best Hidden Gem” of 2021

Out of 650,000 applications released on Google Play in 2021, Laughscape topped them all by winning Google Play’s Best Hidden Gem of 2021.

International Business Awards 2022 Stevie Gold Winner

Laughscape took home Gold at the International Business Awards and has received numerous media and award mentions as a hidden gem competing against the segment heavyweights.

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W3 silver award

W3 Silver Award for Best Use of Audio

Laughscape won Silver at the W3 Awards for the unique and novel way audio is used within the application.


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Laughscape User – 21/10/2021

A great way to fall asleep. Why waste your time with boring, unimaginative stories to put you to sleep? With Laughscape, we have Australia’s best story tellers giving you sleepertainment. I’m an avid user and recommend the paid product, for wealth of escapism.

Last night I audibly sniggered my way from mild anxious alertness to deep anused sleep to the sounds of @michellebrasier. As I will every night from now to eternity.

High recommend a download (especially Melbourne) friends.

Laughscape User

Honestly one of the best calming/sleeping/laughing apps out there. 100% recommend Laughscape! Wrap your chops around this little gem!

Laughscape User

Hi guys just wanted to say how good this app is. I laughed out loud twice last night next to my husband and had to move into the spare room 🤣 but then fell asleep happy. How good. Thank you for the lols and the sleep

Laughscape User

Launchpad App Development, Melbourne VIC monile site and app development were wll done!! The sample movie and overview gave an interesting spin to the scary times of COVID and providing a relief for so many!! Well done!

Stevie Judge

I love the creative idea and changing the present through laughter is wonderful. Congratulations on a great project

Stevie Judge

Using a comedic twist, Laughscape is a unique version of meditation and relaxation to support persons’ effort at destressing. With 100 5 star rating its suggest that a need is being fulfilled. The submission could have been enhanced with the inclusion of length of time for session, avg sessions perser and other KPIs.

Stevie Judge

Brilliant, unique and innovative. High quality content presented in a very user-friendly app interface. Ratings on the app/play store make it worthy of a 10/10 score.

Stevie Judge

Traditional mindfulness and meditation doesn’t resonate with everyone.
Enter: Laughscape.

With a background in comedy, the founding team wanted to provide a mindful experience in a lighter and less serious way to those who couldn’t subscribe/resonate with the traditional meditation apps.


Using relatability, authenticity and humour to help users through low points of their day to day life.


Uses the fundamentals of mindfulness to take user attention away from overthinking and channeling that energy into relaxing, humour based sleep stories.

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“Launchpad blew my mind with the “share to socials” feature when they managed to build it. ”
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Max Price
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Powering out the gate

In less than a year Laughscape has gone from strength to strength

  • 40,000+ Active Users
  • Google Play Winner ‘Best Hidden Gem’ Award
  • Myer Partnership (sleep headbands)
  • Recommendation from the AAPI Director
Users within 6 months
Industry Awards
AAPI award
“Psychologists are always looking for accessible solutions that are the right fit from clients to improve their mental well-being. Laughscape is an app which I highly recommend as it is a unique alternative to those who struggle with traditional forms of mindfulness.”
Executive Director, AUstralian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPi)

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