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Problem Space

Neurodiversity is poorly understood in the wider community and undiagnosed ASD and ADHD presents many challenges that often means getting relevant information, support and not feeling like something is ‘wrong’ is a challenge many people face.

The Neuroverse was created as a safe and positive space to make change and to empower those living with ASD and ADHD find, understand and take better control of their lives, and to raise awareness amongst the population.


Percentage of US adult population estimated to live with ADHD & ASD*

*Autism Spectrum Disorder

Neurodiverse conditions are often misunderstood

Decades of stigma and confusing information have left many confused on what exactly it means to be neurodivergent. In comparison to being neurotypical, neurodivergence is a blanket term for individuals whose brain is built and/or functions differently than what is considered average, or typical.

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Finding professional support can be a confusing landscape to navigate

Doctors can be hesitant to diagnose when there is overlap between ASD and ADHD, and individuals can easily be overwhelmed with the misinformation and stigma surrounding neurodivergence.

What if a space existed where these conditions were understood?

Enter the:
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Learning Library

Curated knowledge base of relevant content for neurodivergent people.


Online community for Neurodiverget individuals to connect and share experiences .

Practical Tools

Accountability tools to help make everyday tasks more attainable.

Take the first step to identification

Introductory tests for levels of neurodiversity are available as a first step in an identification journey. If you show some symptoms, receive tips on where to go from here to a medical diagnosis and finding more support.

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Connect with a neurodiverse community.

You’re not alone! Lean into the community of people who share your experiences and can offer insights, advice on all arrays of topics.

Benefit from collective wisdom and those who have treaded the same path


We’ve partnered with neurodiverse authors, speakers, podcasters and creators who have shared their experiences to distill a lifetime of learning, knowledge and wisdom into bite-size modules for an easy and convenient way to learn.

Implement positive changes effectively with guidance and accountability tools

The app contains handy tools to keep you on track and accountable to implementing the changes you want. Schedule reminders and events, track your streaks to form habits and make real change, and measure what matters to your journey.

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Key Benefits

For Individuals

Better outcomes for the Neurodivergent individuals to understand themselves better and live a life on their own terms.

Community at large

Better societal outcomes for the community at large and neurotypical people who can understand and appreciate neurodiversity.

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